Electrical International Symbol


Name Of Symbol Mark Symbol
Concealed Wiring  
Conduit Wiring  
Direct Concealed Wiring  
Multiple Conductor Line  
Tanking Wiring  
Cable Termination  
Branching Box  
Electrical Appliance  
Telecom Indication Socket Outlet  
Arial Socket Outlet of TV and Radio  
Florescent Lamp  
Electric Bell  
Electric Door Opener  
Current Impulse Switch  
Electric Line Permanent Point  
One Way Single Pole Switch  
One Way Two Pole Switch  
Two Way Single Pole Switch  
Intermediate Switch  
Push Button Switch  
Single Lamp  
Dreamer Switch  
Single Socket Outlet  
Double Socket Outlet  
Surface Wiring  
Electric Motor  
Electric Heater  
Electric Water Heater  
Electric Cooking Range  
Electrical Wiring Connection Symbol/Mark  
Terminal Strip  
Branching Box  
Electric Fuse  
Electric Lamp  
Socket Outlet  
Electric Motor, Single Phase  
Electric Motor, Three Phase  
Electric Cell  
Thermal & Electro magnetic trippers switch three Pole  
Electric Measuring Instrument  
Volt Meter  
Electromagnetic Tripper Switch Single Pole  
Magnetic Conductor with three Main Conduction  
Washing Machine  
Dish Washing Machine  
Electric Meter  
House Connection Box  
Push Button Switch  
Florescent Lamp’s Choke Coil  
Starter of Florescent Lamp  
Stair Case Time Switch  
Thermal Tripper Switch, Single Pole  
Thermal Tripper Switch Three Pole  
Main Switch  
Electric Door Opener  
Ear Phone  
Power Pack  
Circuit Breaker (MCCB)  
Limit Switch  
Electromagnet Conductor  
Electromagnet Relay  
Time Lag Relay  
Generator DC  
Generator AC  
Motor AC & DC  
Ampere Meter  
Manual Multiple Switch single pole.
Four way shown in single way.
Electro Magnetic  
Phase Line  
Proper connection Line  
Neutral Line  
Earth Line  
Signal Line  
Distribution Box/Panel Board  
Thermal Relay  
Ceiling Rose  
Magnetic Conductor Tripper Three Main Contact  
Change Over Switch  
Wire Overlay Crossing  
Plug and Socket  
Two-pin Plug socket
(with & without switch)
Three-pin Plug socket
(with & without switch)
Ceiling Lamp Outlet  
Wall Lamp Outlet  
Ceiling Fan  
Bracket Fan  
Exhaust Fan  
Fan Regulator  
Indicator Switch  
Electromagnet Relay  
Lamp (with Bracket)  
AC Current  
Direct and Alternating Current  
Movable Iron Type Machine  
Main Fuse Board (without Switch)  
Main Fuse Board (with Switch)  
Switchless Distribution Fuse Board  
Distribution Fuse Board(with switch)  
Air Circuit Breaker  
Oil Circuit Breaker  
Lighting Arrester  
Starter (Motor)  
Star Delta Starter  
Emersion Heater  
Hanging Lamp  
Water Type Lamp  
DC Current  
Movable Permanent Magnetic Type Machine  

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2.Dakshata U. Kamble

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