What is a conductor?

  • A conductor is a material which allows the electric current to flow through it. A single conductor can be used as a single phase. Similarly a 3 phase line requires 3 conductors. Depending on the service required the no. of conductors is required.

Using just a single conductor/phase has power
losses as well as corona losses at EHV (extra high voltage) lines. Therefore when there is EHV, the bundled conductors are preferred over such conductors.
By using bundledconductors, we are able to:-

  • Transmit bulk power
  • Reduce the corona loss.


Advantages of using bundled conductors are:-

  • The bundled conductor has less reactance than a single conductor line due to the fact that the inductance is less/ phase, resulting into less reactance
  • The bundled conductor lines have a higher capacitance to neutral compared to the single conductor. It improves the power factor.
  • It reduces the surge impedance(Z) because of low inductance and high capacitance/ phase.

  • If the surge impedance decreases then surge impedance loading increases. It is the most important property and indicates the maximum power that could be transmitted over a line without loss of stability.


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